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This journal is a "friends only" journal. 99% of my posts are friends-only. To be able to read my journal, you must have a LiveJournal account (you can get one for FREE here) and add me to your friends list, I will most likely add you back.

:: About Me ::

A little about me for those who are not on my list. I am a 40 something female, living in SW Ohio, I have beautiful children and a great husband. My journal is centered around *my life*, my children, my husband, my feelings, and to let loose occasionally.

** I rarely ever will not reciprocate a "friending". In turn because my journal is friends only, I rarely will ever drop someone from my friends list for any other reason than a person unfriends me. I do consider it a privilege to be on each of my friends lists, and I do read all of the entries on my friends list, even if I don't comment all of the time.

With that said, I am a bad commenter. You should be aware of this right up front. I comment when I can, but I just cannot get to everyone all of the time and some of the time I just do not know what to say. As I said before I read *everyone* on my list. I do not filter anyone out of my reading list. If you place sole value on how many comments you get from a person, my journal is not for you.

Also, once you are on my friends list, if you find me not your cup of tea do us both a favor and please do not keep me on your friends list. I dont throw temper tantrums when people unfriend me, I have a rather drama free approach to friendings and unfriendings.. so please feel free to let me go if you dont want to be here anymore.

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