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Its sellinbees!

Her Royal Highness Dawna the Disheveled of Divine Intervention

~ Dawna ~
3 January 1973

Mostly Friends Only
See this post for some information about me

My Quick Links
these are mainly for me however feel free to explore them all

*pear*, 80's music, \o/, amethyst, angels, apples, autism, being a communities admin, beltane, bisexual, blowing wind, bpal, bunnehs, butterflies, capricorn, celtic music, chanting, chinese food, claire's accent, classic coke, classic rock, cold weather, comms, computers, corto parade, crystals, cupcakes, dayton, democrat, desperate housewives, disturbed, dream theater, dreams, dreamwalking, egyptology, energy, energy transfer, factions, falling leaves, fireflies, free things, fresh cut grass, friends, from suck to blow, full moons, g/unk, garnet, ghost hunters, goddess religions, godsmack, guild wars, halloween, heavy metal, i have an interest, i'm a team player, ice cream, insomnia, isis, jack daniels, kissing, lack of pants, late night, liberal, lip gloss, lipstick, loreena mckennitt, love, lullabies, lush, medium, men, meteorology, midnight, midsummer, moon, mountains, music, my children, my husband, nature, neopets, nighttime, no pants, nopants, occult, old movies, ostara, pagan, paganism, pants are for chumps, paranormal, pink, poetry, politics, pope fisting, possets, psychic, purple, queensryche, rain, redheads, roses, salt water taffy, samhain, screaming in digital, sephora, sex, sexuality, shot glasses, smellies, snow, spirit, storms, sun, sunrises, sunsets, support, supporting my abuse nazi friends, supporting my lj staff friends, team leaky canoe, the "g" in background, the ocean, the old ways, the west wing, thunderstorms, trees, vampires, violets, weather, weeee, windy days, winter, witch, witchcraft, women